Celebrate World Sleep Day

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Celebrate World Sleep Day 2019 will mark the twelfth year World Sleep Day has officially been celebrated. With this year's slogan of "Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging", this marked event is designed to raise awareness of sleep as a personal privilege which is often compromised by the habits of our everyday life. According to the World Sleep Society, World Sleep Day is intended to be a celebration of sleep as well as a call-to-action on important issues such as sleep-related medicines, sleep education, social effects of sleep, the impact of sleep on how we drive, and more. “Up to 45 percent of the population has some type of sleep problem,” said Allan O’Bryan, the executive director of the World Sleep Society. Sleep research performed by the World Sleep Society seeks to help raise awareness and help everyone better understand the impact that sleep has on all aspects of our life. According...
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11/12 – Join Jenni June @ “Home Is Where The Heart Is” SoCal Wellness Event

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Join Jenni June @ "Home Is Where The Heart Is" SoCal Wellness Event November 12, 2017 1:00-4:00 pm Marion Davies Guest House at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica, CA Join me at SoCalMoms Family Wellness & Holiday Event on Sunday, November 12th for an afternoon focused on healthy home, healthy family and holiday inspiration. Enjoy a unique experience as you walk through a historic home and gardens to meet with experts (including my panel on Family Sleep), brands and services that will inspire health and happiness for your home this holiday season. This year's featured activities include: Expert Demonstrations across Healthy Home Categories Holiday Photo Booth, Gifts & Beauty Bar Capturing Memories with Chatbooks Kidsland Playtime & Gifts Family Sleep with Jenni June Micro Kickboard Family Scooter Experience And More! Hope to see you there! Purchase Tickets
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