FIT4MOM SFV & Northeast LA supports Jenni June’s 4 Pillars of Sleep Hygiene

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Jennifer Metter

Founder, Jenni June

FIT4MOM Guest Blogger: Alex Trampus asks …what if your baby keeps you up all night and you are too exhausted to exercise?  Enter Jenni June…

According to the National Sleep Foundation, people sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of exercise a week.

(Eye roll) Tell that to a new mom…

The beauty of FIT4MOM is that you CAN fit those weekly minutes in because baby is WITH you at Stroller Strides or asleep for Body Back (early mornings + late night scheduling). We work around your crazy schedule and offer support through all the stages of motherhood.

But what if your baby keeps you up all night and you are too exhausted to exercise?

Enter Jenni June, a Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant and Lactation Counselor.

She speaks “baby” and can transform those little night owls into glorious sleepers all while teaching us parents a thing or two as well. She uses the 4 Pillars of Sleep Hygiene™ which doesn’t involve the CIO method!

For more information check out her website – It has some great tips and links to resources. She even has a weekly Facebook Live on Thursdays where she addresses common issues and connects with her audience directly.

So whether we are directly helping you or connecting you to someone who can, we support each other and the community we live in because our parenting choices should be as individual as the children we raise. Now go get some sleep and stay off WebMD.


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Alex Trampus is the Community Relations Director for FIT4MOM SF Valley & Northeast LA. She is also the owner of an online children’s clothing boutique.

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