Celebrate World Sleep Day

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Blog

Jennifer Metter

Founder, Jenni June

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Celebrate World Sleep Day

2019 will mark the twelfth year World Sleep Day has officially been celebrated. With this year’s slogan of “Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging”, this marked event is designed to raise awareness of sleep as a personal privilege which is often compromised by the habits of our everyday life.

According to the World Sleep Society, World Sleep Day is intended to be a celebration of sleep as well as a call-to-action on important issues such as sleep-related medicines, sleep education, social effects of sleep, the impact of sleep on how we drive, and more.

“Up to 45 percent of the population has some type of sleep problem,” said Allan O’Bryan, the executive director of the World Sleep Society.

Sleep research performed by the World Sleep Society seeks to help raise awareness and help everyone better understand the impact that sleep has on all aspects of our life. According to many sleep studies, there are three elements of good quality sleep:

  • Depth – deep restorative sleep
  • Duration – the length of time slept
  • Continuity – sleep that is not fragmented or broken up by waking

Results have shown that just one night of poor quality sleep can negatively impact attention span, memory recall, and your ability to learn. Also, people who get better quality sleep are perceived to appear more youthful, alert, and attractive – so getting one’s “beauty sleep” is not exactly a myth… it can actually help contribute to the betterment of one’s overall health.

“Sleep Hygiene is the medical terminology for syncing you or your child’s sleep with their natural biological rhythms. We then integrate specific evidence-based sleep science techniques, environment, routines and conditions that help elevate and kick-start your natural melatonin production which is the foundation for successful sleep training and providing quality, restorative sleep.” – Jenni June

By getting a good night’s rest, and educating yourself with these 8 Sleep Facts from Jenni June, you too can celebrate World Sleep Day…

#1 – Poor sleep causes impaired driving just as much as alcohol consumption.

#2 – Brief waking (fragmented sleep under 1-minute multiple times at night) causes sleep
deprivation the same as prolonged wakefulness (equivalent to those getting only 4 hrs. of sleep).

#3 – In children, the symptoms of a 3 year old child who is sleep deprived, are identical to those of a 3 yr. old child rightfully diagnosed with ADHD.

#4 – Many gastrointestinal issues are caused by sleep deprivation.

#5 – The brain is the only organ in your body that does not have a lymphatic system to clear waste, toxins, and stress that build up in it. Only slow wave sleep does this. Poor sleep quality prevents us from experiencing these restorative stages of sleep within our sleep cycles.

#6 – Sleep has nothing to do with the contents of the stomach. A full stomach does not make babies sleep longer or deeper. Sleep is 100% about the brain and hormones.

#7 – Poor sleep greatly increases depression, hostile behavior, and negative emotions.

Fact #8 – Cognitive abilities, such as verbal fluency, working memory, reasoning, and cognitive flexibility (a skill vital to both parenting a toddler and maintaining a healthy marriage) are severely impaired after just 2 consecutive days of poor sleep.

“Great beginnings contribute to happy endings when it comes to sleep wellness!” – Jenni June


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Jenni June Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant, CLC and practitioner member of the National Sleep Foundation and the Breathe Institute in Los Angeles. Jenni is the founder of the 4 Pillars Of Sleep Hygiene and a pioneer of the Sleep Science method. Jenni June understands the importance of sleep and has helped many children, families, and adults with sleep coaching.

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