Is my child old enough or too old to sleep train?

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Jennifer Metter

Founder, Jenni June

Is my child old enough, or too old to sleep train or improve sleep wellness with your sleep hygiene plan?

If you wish to formally sleep train your baby using a behavioral sleep training method in conjunction with your sleep hygiene plan, your child must be at least 20-24 weeks old, properly dated (from due date, not birth date), along with approval from your child’s pediatrician that your child is healthy both physically and mentally, with a good foundation of secure attachment. However, with that said, a healthy baby as young as 16 weeks old, properly dated, may move forward with a sleep hygiene plan.

65% of my families come to me with children ages 2-5 years old. Many of which have co-slept, night-nursed, or have a history of needing extreme sleep crutches their entire little lives. This should not deter or discourage you, parents. It is never too late to improve sleep quality or change sleep habits! In fact, kiddos this age are much easier, and improve much quicker than parents anticipate! This is my absolute favorite age to work with!  

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Written by Jenni June Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant, CLC and mom of 4!

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