ABC Show Coverage! My Top 5 Brands!

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Jennifer Metter

Founder, Jenni June

ABC 2016: Stand out sleep-friendly products!

If you’ve been following me for the last 5 years, you know I am not a fan of over-priced, silly, gimmicky, and even sometimes shockingly dangerous “sleep products” out there.  I like to keep it simple and super focused on what REALLY helps tired, desperate families. Although I saw many wonderful brands and products helpful to families, here are the top 5 brands and products that have my interest and respect!

For preschool through school age:

Naturepedic: Their new Verse mattress for kids was launched at ABC. It’s a unique kids mattress designed for support and comfort kids will love, with the organic materials parents trust! Reducing your child’s exposure to chemicals while they sleep and restore is incredibly important to me. And, people, this is just a REALLY good, responsible company. Learn more about the Verse here!

The Sleeper Hero: I accidentally stumbled across this fabulous sleeper of a sleep product, and it got me really excited! It’s a storybook and snuggly doll that has an “okay to wake” light that turns on, at the time you set it to, in the morning. The best part though, is that, initially, there is a red light (better for sleep) that signals to stay in bed, but what I love is that it turns off a short time later, so that it doesn’t arouse the child all the way awake at night between sleep cycles! Hallelujah!  Get yours here:

Newborn through preschool years:

Summer Infant 2017 Baby Monitors: Finally! A baby monitor that doesn’t have a bunch of indicator lights all over it that I have to tell parents to put a piece of tape over so it doesn’t arouse their child all the way awake in the middle of the night. Summer Infant’s new monitor has an awesome night light component, for those middle of the night feedings and diaper changes, but then after that YOU CAN TURN IT OFF.  Yes!!! Plus of course, you have the superior range (250 ft.) and all the dreamy bells and whistles you want in a monitor, it’s a winner! Check them out here:


Newborn through 4 months:

Fisher Price: I love the whole #sleeplikeababy line -Like that irreplaceable Rock-n-Play! Well, now it’s got some serious swagger with Jonathan Adler’s fingerprints all over it, plus super plush little extras like 2-speed rocking modes and SmartConnect Technology to monitor and control settings. Take a look!’n-play-sleeper/25761.html#gclid=CK7D77-Ei9ACFQqDfgodBkoJTg&start=3

Ola Baby- Trimmo Electric Nail Trimmer: Now you can throw away your anxiety meds! This product will reduce YOUR tears at night. Trimming baby’s nails is a job that is easiest done when your new baby is sleeping. Of all the nail trimmers with lights and files, this one has the smartest design I’ve seen! The light actually points at the right angle toward the baby’s finger, duh -It’s about time someone is doing something about that! And, there are 3 different nail file grains, including one that is super duper gentle and soft for a newborn’s delicate skin. Seriously, people. You don’t realize how much this matters until you are right there in the weeds and have accidentally made your newborn’s finger bleed. A great shower gift!


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Written by Jenni June Certified Child and Family Sleep Consultant, CLC and mom of 4!

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