Saturday, 2/28 9am PST – Jenni June answers your SLEEP questions LIVE via Google Hangout on new show ‘Mommy & Me’!

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Jennifer Metter

Founder, Jenni June

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JOIN US SATURDAY, February 28th, at 9:00am PST for a LIVE Google Mommy Hangout with our resident Sleep and Baby Care Expert JenniJune as well as popular mommy vloggers Katie Gaines (BamaChick1101) and Nia Rader (Samuel8955), mommy blogger Saarah Samadani (Beauty Momme) and moderator Aimee of BabyLeague Network where we will chat about the most essential topic for families… SLEEP!

BabyLeague’s new show, MOMMY & ME is a LIVE Google Hangout with parenting experts, Mommy Vloggers and popular bloggers. Mommy and Me classes are crucial to new moms but they are not always accessible to everyone. Here, you can tune in from your own home and ask your parenting questions directly. Our topic will be about SLEEP!

Be sure to join our event on Facebook or tune into the BabyLeague You Tube channel at:

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