March 4th & 5th – Jenni June Introduces the "4 Pilars of Sleep Hygiene" at Toddler Camp

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Jennifer Metter

Founder, Jenni June

Jenni June is a dedicated sponsor of Toddler Camp and will be briefly presenting her “4 Pillars of Sleep Hygiene” Sleep wellness for babies and toddlers, at the March 4th and March 5th Toddler Camp Events.

Jenni June will also be giving away some of her favorite sleep products!

  • Naturepedic Organic Crib/toddler bed sheets
  • Just Born for Baby Hooded Bath Wrap
  • Marpac Dohm for Baby Sound Conditioner
  • Vusee universal baby monitor shelf

For more info visit

Jenni June dedicated sponsor of Toddler Camp

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