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elebrity Sleep Consultant Jenni June Addresses How to Handle Sleep Deprivation Challenges in Babies and Toddlers San Diego, CA, May 31 and June 1, 2014


San Diego, CA (April 16, 2014) Throughout the country, thousands, if not millions of parents are losing one of their most valuable assets everyday—sleep. Jenni June, celebrity sleep consultantbrings the precious zzz’s back to San Diego parents on Saturday, May 31 at the DoubleTree Hazard Center in San Diego and Sunday, June 1st at the DoubleTree Del Mar. As the launching point of Jenni June’s 15-city tour, San Diegans will be among the first to begin their journey to a better nights sleep at the Naturepedic sponsored Family Sleep Event.


“Lack of sleep is a challenge that a countless number of parents face every night,” said Jenni June. “While many deem sleep deprivation as a necessary sacrifice when it comes to raising a family, it doesn’t have to be. Using the Family Sleep Event as my platform, it is my goal to help teach parents that it is possible for their children to obtain a more restful nights sleep, and in turn prevent further sleep deprivation in families, creating a happier, healthier and more productive lifestyle! ”


Jenni June and her panel of experts will educate, empower and equip families of today with safe, practical tools for helping to sync their child’s sleep to their natural circadian rhythms. Families will participate in engaging discussions, product demonstrations, giveaways and more. The Family Sleep Event is designed to meet the needs of today’s parents, addressing the pressing concern of sleep deprivation in a fun and interactive manner. Attendees of the San Diego event will learn from four 20-to-30 minute educational discussions aimed to kick start better sleeping habits for children, and in turn, improve sleep for the entire family.


Using her no-nonsense presentation style and “parent humor,” Jenni June breaks through to her audience in a fun and engaging way about this not-so-fun issue. During the Family Sleep Event Jenni June will cover topics such as:



Pediatric Sleep Hygiene: The secret to natural consolidated and restorative sleep at night as well as for longer naps.


Sleep Training Tips to Reduce your Child’s Protests: A breakdown of the most commonly used sleep training methods and how to select the perfect method for your child and unique family situation.


Greening” your Child’s Sleep: How to green-proof your child’s sleep environment to increase quality restorative sleep.


Families and caregivers receive a tote bag with items valued at $50 upon entry, a plethora of giveaways and door prizes, including top-shelf baby gear, and Naturepedic’s premier certified organiccrib and toddler mattress. Parents will also have the opportunity to shop among today’s top baby product brands, including green, sleep and health-related products and services. For those who should need it, Ubbi World, makers of the celebrity favorite eco-friendly diaper pails, hosts the “Odor Free Zone,” a diaper changing station for families.


In addition, at Family Sleep Events held in Southern California, REM Sleep Labs will provide a brief talk on sleeping disorders that commonly plague children and adults, and the best steps to diagnose and treat disorders such as snoring, apnea and insomnia.


On Saturday, May 31, The Sleep Symposium will be held at San Diego’s DoubleTree Hazard Center and on Sunday, June 1, at the DoubleTree in Del Mar, from 1:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Tickets are $35 before May 20 and available now at


For an interview or to book Jenni June for an in studio or on air segment, contact Haley Messner at Images are available upon request.


About Jenni June:

Jenni June, baby planner, celebrity child sleep consultant, and former host of BabyLeague Networks’s “BabyCare with Jenni June,” Jenni June counsels on helping babies four months to four-years-old consolidate their night sleep and take healthier more restorative naps. A certified Lactation Counselor, Jenni June works with parents who believe they can’t breastfeed and sleep train. As a sleep-training educator at Nordstrom, Baby’s R Us, ClubMomMe, Babytalk LA, Baby & Kidz Expos and more, Jenni June assists families across the country live an optimal life. Jenni June’s approach to sleep training is natural, grounded in evidence-based sleep science, and extremely user-friendly for all new and expecting parents, regardless of their lifestyle or parenting philosophy. Jenni June has a loyal and dedicated following of parents across the U.S. who enjoy her fun and no-nonsense presentation style and sense of parent humor!


About The Sleep Symposium:

A 15-city tour of the Western United States, The Sleep Symposium is aimed at solving the challenge of sleep deprivation for babies and toddlers. Through engaging discussions, product demonstrations and giveaways, celebrity sleep consultant and acclaimed baby planner Jenni June helps today’s parents deal with the sleep deprivation challenges they face every day. Comprised of four 20-30 minute educational discussions, parents will walk away with the tools they need to help their little ones begin sleeping better. Admission includes door prizes, swag bags and product giveaways including high-end baby gear, in addition to product demonstrations and relaxation stations. For information about Jenni June or The Family Sleep Event, visit Jenni’ June’s website.



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