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A huge sleep training B.S. buster from Jenni June!

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Are you ready for this? FACT:  All, yes, all sleep training methods are CIO (cry it out). The only difference between the 5 main sleep training methods, from which all of the sleep training books borrow from in one form or another, is how much parents are present for the CIO.  Hundreds of parents tell me their presence or attempts to reassure their child sometimes piss their baby off even more, making crying even more intense and relentless. I go into more depth breaking down each one of the main methods, how to implement them, and how much CIO you can really expect with each in my live seminars and in my upcoming book. Crying is a natural expression from babies when their routine has changed and they don’t know what’s coming next. Cleverly marketed book titles on sleep-training, where a “no cry” or “gentle” solution is promised, despite the…

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