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JenniJune completely changed our lives! For the first time in 16 months, my littlest guy and I can finally sleep through the night! (CraZy I know). I am the worst when it comes to sleep training my kids. I just can't. After 16 months of sleep deprivation, I reached out to Jenni for help. After our consultation, I immediately started implementing her recommendations regarding proper sleep hygiene and within a few days...my littlest started sleeping through the night! Her 4 pillars of sleep hygiene have been absolute game changers for us! As a working momma of two, I am forever grateful to Jenni!

Bri T.Alhambra, CA

Jenny help me sleep train my six month old baby about 10 months ago and now is helping me transition him to a one nap routine. I am my sons primary caregiver overnight and by six months the lack of sleep was really starting to wear on me. I had developed a lot of bad habits like nursing and rocking to sleep. She was able to help me break those habits and give me a plan to prepare my child for sleep training. I was able to prepare to my child for 2 to 3 weeks on the recommended routine and implement her sleep hygiene recommendations before adding in behavioral component. I followed her plan exactly because I wanted to really give the program a chance and really be fair to my son by providing as much consistency as possible. It really worked! Before I even implemented the behavioral component he was already sleeping through the night half of the time. Once I implemented the behavioral component after one night he was sleeping through the night consistently. His cat naps eventually lengthened to 1 1/2 to 2 hours each. He is now sleeping a total of 14 to 15 hours a day and has been since a month or so after I started sleep training. He is a very happy and well-adjusted baby. We are able to have other people put him to sleep with no problem. He is been able to travel to different time zones on two different occasions and has done wonderfully. He and I are getting the rest we need and I truly believe that is what's best for him and by being consistent there was minimal resistance or crying involved. He knows his routine and what to expect.

Felicia N.Venice, CA

My son is 13 months old. He used to nap on my arms, wake up 5+ times at night, nurse to sleep. We were also bed-sharing family. I was exhausted, sleep deprived for a year. My son's sleep got even worse after he was 9 months old. My husband was always stressed about hurting him in our bed. I talked to my son's pediatrician about sleep training and she recommended me to read a book and told me I should use check and console method. However we decided to use extinction because we could see the results after few days. However, we failed completely. I didn't know that I should put him down fully awake.. I still nursed him until he was drowsy, then I put him in his crib. He was so mad and woke up even more. This is when I started looking for a sleep consultant. The first consultant I contacted was in Chicago. I sent her a message on Friday and she responded on next Tuesday. The first 15' consultation was one week after. She did not read my emails at all. 15' did not give me any answers. But I still wanted to work with her (i was desperate), so I filled out the intake form and sent it right back to her on that day but she didn't reply. I decided to find another one during that weekend. And by chance I went to Jenni's website. I was interested in her "4 pillar of sleep hygiene" which I couldn't find any other consultant mentioned about. I wrote her a message at 7 pm, she emailed me back after 2 hours. She recommended me to stay consistent for a while before we start the sleep training again since I failed once and I went back to the old habit. We went through the process really quick. Only 2 days to make the appointment with Jenni. We started our sleep training with Jenni on Feb 28. The third night my son started sleeping through the night. He started taking his second nap after a week and his first nap after 10 days. He also enjoys eating much more than before. His constipation is also solved! It was amazing to see his improvements day by day. When I sent her our sleep logs, she always supported us and gave us comments. All my questions were responded in details. We felt so lucky that we have found Jenni! She saved our life and made our little boy stay healthy. If you are struggling like me, contact Jenni I truly recommend her!

Nga N O.Sacramento, CA

I can't express enough how happy I am to have worked with Jenni June!! She is professional yet very warm and sweet (she was also my therapist during the process haha). I had one of the worse experiences with my baby who never slept, since day 1. I was on 2 hours of sleep every night, rocking/bouncing her for 40+ minutes on a medicine ball all while nursing her and she would still wake up when I put her down. She never napped during the day unless I was laying down with her. It was affecting me emotionally and physically. I also couldn't get any me time...me and my house were a mess.

When we sat with Jenni, she gave us a very comprehensive plan. To be honest, I was skeptical and I thought "yea right, this will never work on my stubborn baby". Not only that, emotionally it challenged me and when I was feeling unsure about the process, she wheeled me back in and set me straight in a no- nonsense kind of way. She gave me the facts and made me feel like it was ok to feel what I was feeling. To my surprise, within a couple days we saw such a big difference!! I could not believe it!! By one week, my baby is putting herself to sleep. I now have hours to do chores and even have a glass (or 2!) of wine. Bubble bath?? Why not! I mean, she seriously gave me my life back! And the most important thing here, my baby is happy. She is no longer fussy and whiney - she is a completely different and easier baby.

My husband and I could not recommend Jenni any more. If you're struggling, do not hesitate to reach out to her. I promise you, she makes it happen, regardless of the circumstances. Everything she has you do is backed up by research and you can rest assured knowing the plan you implement is for the greater good, for all involved.
Thank you Jenni!!

Annie F.New York, NY

I have to admit I was skeptical that ANYTHING was going to work for our 9 month old son. We were going on more than a month of consecutive sleepless nights when we reached out to Jenni. I will say too that since he is now standing and protested WHILE standing in his crib for any nap or bedtime that I was skeptical that anything would work. Jenni is, like all the reviews say, a miracle worker. Before Jenni I was rocking my son to sleep for any nap or bedtime. It felt more like a wrestling match and I absolutely dreaded every nap or bedtime. Not a way to live or want to think about your child. After just 1 day of following Jenni's schedule my son began sleeping through the night and after 1 week doesn't even cry when I lay him in his crib. Jenni helped turn our son from a happy but grumpy sleep deprived baby to the happiest I've seen him and I couldn't be more grateful.

Pink L.Los Angeles, CA

Very good experience! Thanks so much for the special care and attention to detail. Not many people understand the needs of autism.

Carol W.San Diego, CA

Jenni is a miracle worker. Trust in her four pillars and trust in the process. I cried my way through our consultation for fear that this wouldn't work! We were a co-sleeping family for seven months and I nursed my baby at least ten times a night. I was very skeptical about all of it...but we were zombies and really needed a change. Jenni was supportive, compassionate, confident, and kind. She definitely knows her stuff! We highly recommend Jenni!

Kate M.Culver City, CA

Jenni gave me my life and sanity back!!! When I first contacted Jenni, I was up every hour with my 8 month old that would only nurse in order to go to sleep. Within two nights of following the plan Jenni designed for us, she was sleeping 12 hours through the night and a solid two naps a day. Not only did I get my sleep and much needed break from the baby to focus on my older child, but I wasn't a 24 hour all you can eat nursing buffet to my baby. She started having solid nursing session and was a lot happier when she was awake and not as needy. When I found out I was pregnant with my third baby, I started a sleep plan for him with Jenni when he was old enough, and within ONE NIGHT he is now sleeping 12-14 hours straight at night and is truly the happiest 5.5 month old. I love that Jenni is also a lactation consultant as the health and happiness of my children is her main focus. She so unbelievably educated in so many areas, not just sleep, that she has been a game changer for me and my family.

Roxanna C.Woodland Hills, CA

Hired Jenni on the recommendation of a friend after our 2nd baby refused all the sleep training tactics we'd used successfully on our first.

She was fantastic. She is very nice and is good at making herself available, and is very supportive in helping you do the tough work of setting limits on a baby to make sure that you and they are actually getting rested.

She is very knowledgable, and her information and plans are thorough, clear, and straightforward. And she can answer just about any question you throw at her.

It is extremely comforting knowing you have an expert supporting you while you do the very hard work of sleep training. Basically I wish I could hire her for all the different parenting conundrums we ever face.

Bottom line: our very sweet but very sleep-resistant baby became a champion crib sleeper as soon as we deployed her tactics and we have not had any issues since. What more can you ask?

Heather H.Los Angeles, CA

SULTAN OF SLEEP!!!! Jenni saved our life with our 9 month old( she's 3 now and still going strong w sleep). She was waking up at least 2-3 times night. That may not sound like a lot to some, but my husband and I both need 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep to be able to function. I reached out to her at 4am and filled out the information form. She spent an hour on the phone with me the following day and was at our house within a few days. She gave us options to the technique we wanted to use to sleep train our daughter. We picked the cry it out method. Jenni gave us a very specific schedule along with some tools to help her calm before bed/nap and said it will take up for a week for her to get used to it. We put her to bed that night, she cried for 45 minutes. Slept from 5:30pm-7:30am!!!! The next day she cried for 4 minutes at first nap and that was it!!! When I say she saved our life, I mean she gave us back our life.

Yana W.Hermosa Beach, CA

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by Erin on Jenni June, LLC

I hired Jenni to help me sleep train my almost 1 year old, and it was by far the best investment/decision I have ever made. I found my daughter was fighting her naps, and even waking up several times during the night and she needed to breastfeed to soothe herself back to sleep. I am pregnant and I decided that I needed a solution to end the madness! Hiring Jenni really helped me through all of my struggles. Jenni is so knowledgable and explains everything in depth and she really helped me understand the why behind it all which is an important step that I feel a lot of other sleep coaches don't provide. After starting the sleep training I had great success and it was actually a lot easier and my daughter did way better than I anticipated, which was a huge relief! She is now napping on point, and sleeping through the night which I never thought possible! Also, since I decided to use this opportunity to stop breastfeeding due to my pregnancy there have been no issues with her stopping breastfeeding and I was so worried about her needing that! I just think back to how we were before and I was just barely getting by and was so exhausted and now our family is finally getting sleep and I can tell my baby is in such a better mood and is so happy! I highly recommend Jenni, she is the best in her field and I am so thankful I found her!

by Richelle on Jenni June, LLC

Jenni June never ceases to amaze me. Her passion and knowledge for sleep hygiene, sleep science, and behavioral sleep methods is unsurpassed. Not only will you feel a connection with Jenni but you instantly want to soak up her knowledge and be ready to jump right into taking supervised action. Her 4 Pillars of Sleep Hygiene works and she has the success stories to prove it! ❤️?