Jenni June’s March Baby Sleep B.S. Buster!

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B.S. Sleep myth #1… We’ve heard for decades in sleep training books and from well-meaning pediatricians (who by the way only receive on average 2.5 hrs. of pediatric sleep hygiene education in medical school and residency combined; if any at all) “Don’t sleep train when your child is teething.” I cry B.S.! What is the ONE thing our bodies want to do when we get home from the hospital after giving birth, have an operation, oral surgery? That’s right. SLEEP. It’s the only thing our body needs in order to restore itself. It’s a natural pain reliever. We don’t feel pain while we are sleeping. On the other hand, if your baby is already overtired and suffering from sleep deprivation due to poor sleep habits and happens to be cutting a tooth at the same time, then their system is already stressed, preventing them from slipping into deep restorative stage…

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Jenni June Teams Up With Nordstrom to Equip Parents and Help Them Get Their Rest Back

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Celebrity Child Sleep Consultant, Jenni June, has joined forces with Nordstrom to give parents tools they need to help them set their little ones up for sweet sleep success. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 17, 2014 Nordstrom is mindful of the need for parents to be well equipped and well rested to be able to experience parenthood at its happiest, stress-free best. They have sought out the country’s top certified child sleep consultant, Jenni June, to provide the very latest and up-to-date pediatric sleep hygiene education for infants through toddlers. “Sleep hygiene is the foundation for successful sleep training and providing your child with quality, restorative sleep, regardless of the method you use to teach them, or your parenting style,” says Jenni. She adds: “The hour will be jam-packed with incredible “how-to’s” and sleep consultants’ best kept secrets, to help you set your little ones up for sweet sleep success!”…

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