Jenni June’s March Baby Sleep B.S. Buster!

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B.S. Sleep myth #1… We’ve heard for decades in sleep training books and from well-meaning pediatricians (who by the way only receive on average 2.5 hrs. of pediatric sleep hygiene education in medical school and residency combined; if any at all) “Don’t sleep train when your child is teething.” I cry B.S.! What is the ONE thing our bodies want to do when we get home from the hospital after giving birth, have an operation, oral surgery? That’s right. SLEEP. It’s the only thing our body needs in order to restore itself. It’s a natural pain reliever. We don’t feel pain while we are sleeping. On the other hand, if your baby is already overtired and suffering from sleep deprivation due to poor sleep habits and happens to be cutting a tooth at the same time, then their system is already stressed, preventing them from slipping into deep restorative stage…

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Jenni June Sleep Hygiene Tips for the Nap Time Routine.

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1. Provide a good meal right before nap time. Keep this time free from over stimulation. No TV or iPad. The blue light in screen can signal brain to halt melatonin production (That’s our sleepy hormones!). Instead, use calming and soothing music during meal and nap routine. Then turn off and use true white noise and leave on the entire duration of nap. 2. Anticipate “relaxed state” cues, NOT overtired cues! Begin nap routine after meal, 10-15 mins prior to laying your child down for nap time is all it takes. 3. Make it the same routine every time in the exact same order. This routine signals to the brain and body that sleep is about to come, which helps increase melatonin production, setting your child up for nap time success! 4. Don’t over- soothe! Or your child will catch a “second wind”, miss that perfect sleep window, and become…

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Jenni June Teams Up With Nordstrom to Equip Parents and Help Them Get Their Rest Back

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Celebrity Child Sleep Consultant, Jenni June, has joined forces with Nordstrom to give parents tools they need to help them set their little ones up for sweet sleep success. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 17, 2014 Nordstrom is mindful of the need for parents to be well equipped and well rested to be able to experience parenthood at its happiest, stress-free best. They have sought out the country’s top certified child sleep consultant, Jenni June, to provide the very latest and up-to-date pediatric sleep hygiene education for infants through toddlers. “Sleep hygiene is the foundation for successful sleep training and providing your child with quality, restorative sleep, regardless of the method you use to teach them, or your parenting style,” says Jenni. She adds: “The hour will be jam-packed with incredible “how-to’s” and sleep consultants’ best kept secrets, to help you set your little ones up for sweet sleep success!”…

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Don't Miss Jenni June, Certified Sleep Consultant, Teaching Kids How to Sleep

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The premiere Los Angeles area California Baby & Kidz Expo is the perfect place to get the latest scoop from Jenni June, Certified Child Sleep Consultant, on pregnancy, babies, kids, sleep and more. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 10, 2014 Parents, here’s your chance to find resources and information you need, while entertaining the kids at the same time. The California Baby & Kidz Expos are filled with wall to wall entertainment, vendors, stage acts and resources, all geared for the family. An added bonus is the knowledge explosion that will take place on the main stage when Jenni June presents relevant, cutting edge information. Speaking at the Pasadena and Orange County California Baby & Kidz Expos, Jenni will address a wide range of topics, none more important than the one thing near and dear to all parents’ hearts: how to get more sleep as a family. The California Baby…

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Don't start sleep training if…

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1. You know you will be traveling, having house guests, or other social or family functions within 3 weeks of begining, because consistency is key when learning new habits! It’s bootcamp baby! 2. Don’t begin sleep training when your child has a cold or is congested, coughing or not feeling well. We want to give them every opportunity for success! 3. Do not start sleep training in the midst of other big changes within the family, such as, moving, divorce, the loss or serious illness of a loved one or pet. Your child’s ability to cope with change is not developed enough yet to sort through more than one challenge at a time, and sleep is effected by these kinds of events in the family. Help them adjust emotionally, first. Then, we will get them well-rested again.

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3 Sleep Tips to resolve your child’s extra early morning waking:

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If you didn’t prepare baby incrementally in advance for daylight savings time, then it’s likely they are waking an hour earlier than usual in the morning. Here’s what you can do to help them adjust. Adjust their entire feeding and sleep schedule gently forward, 15 minutes a day for 4 consecutive days. Allow your baby to be exposed to a little more light, real or artificial, longer each night before bed, and also a little more darkness each morning upon waking up, within these 4 days. This will help signal the brain to adjust melatonin production. Once you have completed the 4 day schedule adjustment, be patient and allow your child’s body to adjust. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Be consistent and stick to the schedule! It may take 1 to 3 weeks for circadian rhythm to adjust habitually. Younger babies take longer than toddlers.

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