Baby Planning

Fee: $125/hr (Each hour of services performed also includes 1 week of unlimited emails for added support.)

newborn-sleepingWhat is a baby planner and who needs one?

 It no longer takes a ‘village’ to prepare for baby… It just takes a baby planner!

The mission of Jenni June Baby Planning is to restore and nurture you to a calm and joyful state, give you time to smell the roses and truly celebrate each day of this exciting new season of becoming a mother.   Sadly, most women just go through the motions and ‘get through’ pregnancy, trying to do all the research, planning and preparing on their own, in addition to the many responsibilities they already manage. That can keep a woman’s body, mind and developing baby in a chronic state of stress that research is connecting to the rise in pregnancy complications and negative health effects for babies.

A baby planner can come alongside a couple and help create new support systems, relieve stress, save time and money in the areas you chose, and create a more relaxed atmosphere for parents to enjoy the exciting, life-changing journey of pregnancy and an becoming confident new parents.

We provide…

  • Objective and customized, top-shelf education in all aspects of pregnancy and new parenting
  • Hand selected and expertly matched services and referrals
  • We are skilled, non-judgmental consultants, coaches and coordinators that support a couple’s unique needs, lifestyle and new parenting goals.
  • Specialists in maternity event planning
  • We believe that a mom knows best when she feels supported and knows her options!
  • Hands-on, personal, and certified experience (over 19 years!)   

Who needs a baby planner?

  • Expectant couples who are busy, or feeling stressed and don’t have time to research all of the products, practitioners and services available to them
  • Moms on bed rest
  • Single expectant mothers
  • Adoptive couples
  • Couples who are concerned about wasting money on products, services, and practitioners that aren’t a good match for their unique needs
  • Expectant families who desire top-shelf ‘everything’ for their baby’s health, safety, development and well-being
  • Couples who desire connection with select Los Angeles parenting community

Why choose us?

  • Coordinating Hospital/Birthing Center Registration and Tour
  • Selecting the Best Practitioners for Pregnancy and Newborn Care
  • Lifestyle Assessment- For Selecting the Perfect Baby Gear Essentials!
  • Customized Baby Registry and Management
  • Baby Shower, Gender Reveal Party, and BabyMoon Planning
  • Preparing, Organizing and Stocking the Nursery for Baby
  • Newborn Care Prep (Hands-On for the whole family!)
  • Child-Proofing, Infant CPR, Safety Education- Reducing Risk of SIDS, Baby Gear Use, Reducing Chemical Exposure and Toxins in Mom, Baby and Home (We are certified Green-Proofers!)
  • Customized Birth Plan Creation (We are Certified Birth Doulas and Green Birth Educators!)
  • Birthing Classes and Certified Doula Services
  • Certified Breastfeeding Counseling and Support
  • Safe and Best Practices for Formula Feeding and Baby Food Making
  • Postpartum Plans for a Happy Recovery and Smooth Transition into Parenthood and Back to Work
  • Traveling Baby Prep- Everything from Gear to Sleep!
  • Certified Maternity and Postpartum Stress Management
  • Certified Baby and Child Sleep Consulting
  • Photography- Pregnancy and New Baby
  • New Parent Coaching
  • Child Care and Nanny- Prep, Education, Selection and Referrals
  • Maternity Wardrobe Consulting
  • Selecting Quality Mommy and Me Classes
  • Maternity Spa and Massage Services
  • Baby Massage and Soothing Classes
  • ‘Dudes With Diaper Bags’ TM- The Ultimate Dad Prep and Support! (Coming Soon!)
  • Pregnancy Socials- A Great Way to Connect With Other Like-Minded and Savvy New Parents (Coming Soon!)
  • Private Pregnancy Socials- Customize Your Own With a Selection of 2-3 Services or workshops for You and Your Expecting Friends and Circle of Influence.

How does it all work?  

Enjoy our complimentary consultation!

This includes a brief over the phone or email mini consultation where you may express your needs or challenges and ask questions about our services.

Next, we will send you an email with a few powerful questions that, in addition to our consultation, may further uncover where education, preparation and services from a baby planner are needed most, assuring that none of your precious resources are wasted! It will also help us connect with your personal tastes, goals and lifestyle. Because there is no ‘one size fits all’ pregnancy, product, and new parent experience!

Once we receive and study your emailed assessment form, we will then set a time to meet/Skype/email/phone for a more in depth consultation where we will lay out a fabulous plan and timeline, providing top shelf consolidated solutions to knock out your list and achieve your goals; equipping you with confidence and peace of mind. The fee for this essential service is $125 and includes a week of email support.

From here you may further choose to enlist our certified expert services, concierge assistance, private or class instruction, hand-selected referrals, and coaching.

We are certified, experienced, and credentialed in many of our services. This saves you time and money!

All customized services, plans, and fees will be presented to you in writing for your approval before any work is to be done.